Load Bank Hire

Load Bank Hire

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Mobile Load Bank Hire

Trailer Mounted For Testing Generators Up to 250 kVA.
What is Load Bank Testing for a Generator?

Load bank testing places a controlled variable load onto the generator to determine whether it is able to generate its rated power. Standby generators are usually tested by running them either off load or partially on load, however this will not be at the full load of the generator. The load bank allows the generator to be taken to full load thereby testing its capability to generate its rated power. This gives assurance that in a real mains power loss situation the generator will perform regardless of the power demands placed upon it. Our Load Bank Hire service ensures your generator is ready for duty!

Why Carry Out Load Bank Testing?

Standby generators by their nature are designed to provide power continuity in the event of loss of mains power. This ensures the business can continue to operate or support services can continue to be provided during the mains power outage. For many businesses this is critical equipment. Testing the generator by connecting it to its usual site load is the normal method for routine testing, however this will not take the generator anywhere close to its 100% load rating. This routine moderate load testing will over time lead to unburnt fuel deposits in the engine and exhaust system, creating smoke, oily deposits and higher emissions. Therefore periodically, using a load bank, the generator should be tested up to 100% load to burn off these deposits and prevent any engine damage due to wet stacking. Wet stacking occurs when generators have been run on low load for long periods.

How Do You Load Bank Test a Generator?

A load bank is an artificial controlled electrical load which is connected to the generator. Once started the load is increased incrementally with appropriate pauses until full load is reached. This can be over several hours. During the test, voltage, frequency, temperatures and pressures are taken and recorded. Regular load bank testing will allow comparison of data to identify any trends developing. Once at full load, the generator would normally be run for one hour to check there are no overheating issues and to ensure soot deposits are fully burnt off.

How Often Should a Generator be Load Bank Tested?

If your generator is regularly run on light or no load, then we would recommend load bank testing annually. This should be reduced if it is running daily on a low load. Call us on 03300 883950 where we can advise you on frequency of testing.

Load Bank Hire

At South Coast Generators we have 200KW trailer mounted mobile load banks complete with the necessary cables and connections. Our engineers will attend your site and load bank test your generator in situ. We can also supply on a dry hire basis (without an engineer).

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